An Exciting Guide to Macon, MO – Near Codes Dispensary

Situated in the heartland of America, Macon, Missouri is a charming small town brimming with intriguing attractions close to Codes Dispensary. This guide outlines a few activities you shouldn’t miss when you’re in the area.

Macon County Historical Museum

As a starting point, immerse yourself in local history at the Macon County Historical Museum. Stacked with artifacts and exhibits that narrate a fascinating tale of the county’s past, this museum is a short walk from Codes Dispensary.

Next, for those with a love for architecture, the Blees Military Academy is another must-see Macon icon. The grandeur of this historical building, originally constructed in 1889, can be appreciated all through the year.

Long Branch State Park

About a 15-minute drive from downtown Macon lies Long Branch State Park. Animated with a variety of outdoor activities, like boating, camping, and fishing, this park offers a refreshing break from the town’s hustle and bustle.

Finally, after a lively day, retire to one of Macon’s various eateries to savor some hearty Midwestern cuisine. While many are dotted around town, the Pear Tree Kitchen & Bar is particularly well-loved by locals and visitors.

This guide only scratches the surface of what you can explore and experience in Macon, MO. The township and its neighboring areas offer a wealth of sights and sounds, ensuring there’s always something exciting happening around every corner, especially near our very own Codes Dispensary.